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Do you want to make your life more interactive? Our door is open. We put the same enthusiasm into building our games and yours.

Got an idea for a game, and looking for someone to build it for you? We treat every project individually. Contact us for details.

  • If you want to make a game, but don’t know how,
  • If you know how, but don’t have the people,
  • If you have the people but you want to improve your process,
  • If you’re satisfied with your process, but you need someone with specialised experience,
  • If you have the experience and you’re wondering what good games are for you

– we can help with all of these, and more.

Got a project in progress, and aiming to graduate from good to excellent? An external consultant might help.

We ca be reached through e-mail: wonderland.engineering at gmail.com.

Our services

  • create gameplay – from scratch, or based on pre-existing gameplay,
  • balance the rules – because sometimes all a game needs is to tighten a screw or two,
  • create connection between the mechanics and the message – for instance when you want your game to express an idea,
  • create content – “levels”, stories, worlds,
  • train game designers – both basic and advanced material.

Write to us!